Our Chemicals Coffee Time newsletter comes out every Friday at 9:30am, and is like the sort of discussion that takes place around a coffee machine in the labs or at lunch in a chemical factory.

It’s a mix of useful chemical regulatory information (mainly around CLP, REACH, and what’s going on with Brexit),  chemical safety, interesting snippets about chemistry and science, and plenty of things to keep you cheerful like the weekend recipe, links to funny memes and videos.  A lot of our readers send in comments, news and jokes too.

The newsletter originally started as a way of keeping people in touch during Lockdown so its previous name was “Coronavirus Chemicals update”, and it’s evolved over time, although I’m quite glad it’s not a daily newsletter any more!

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Our readers are mainly HSE managers and Regulatory Affairs specialists in the chemical and chemical-using industries.  Some people are working from home, and others are hybrid working or full-time back at work.

Thought I would just say that I really enjoy your newsletter – Chemicals Coffee Time is a great name.
I have and do sit down to read it albeit with a cup of tea rather than coffee. All through COVID and to present it has made me smile and I learn things that I didn’t know.
As you did we all used to take tea breaks from the lab – all congregating in the tea room with a tea lady making tea and all just talk for 10 minutes or so – Much better than a formal meeting
Thank You
Louise C., Brenntag, August 2022

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